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Artist Statement: Bio

I am often inspired by an emotion, a thought, a dream or an individual that I feel the need to capture or interpret. Other times, my love of the materials is enough to start the creation process. The untouched canvas, the slick, tactile paint pushed across a surface, and the softness of graphite marks can inspire a new piece.


I enjoy moving between representational work and abstraction in various two-dimensional media to keep me inspired and to shift into new directions. Personally, working in different styles and manners allows for growth and exploration. The living being will always be of interest to me and by varying my approach, it keeps the subject matter fresh and enduring. Even my pieces that do not have recognizable individuals do contain references to existence.


My work interprets my journey of continued pursuit into the intuitive mind. The process of creation spurs my desire to learn more about myself and others. I create to reveal what I know, and in the process, I hope to learn something new.

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